Executive Producer Angela Marie Duncan



Played by Adam Gold


A kind but tortured soul. A killer of killers. A redeemer of sin. Raised by his mother HECATE, an angry and vindictive woman and Priestess of the Three Fold Goddess. She was left emotionally broken after being scorned by a debaucherous husband during her pregnancy and her wrath for men was turned upon her son. Using ritualistic cutting and verbal abuse to strip him of his dignity and self-worth until he became hardly more than an empty shell, taught that his sole purpose was to protect her from the evils of the outside world. THOMAS endured years of sadistic and brutal training to ensure that he became an unparalleled physical specimen and a deadly weapon in his own right. When HECATE dies unexpectedly however, THOMAS is forced out into the unknown -having no true understanding of the world around him and no means to become a part of it. He wanders the nights a pariah... until he encounters SASHA. Exploiting his need for guidance, she takes him under her wing and uses his physical gifts for her own purposes. Manipulated into becoming a murderer, each death takes a heavy toll on him as he desperately tries to cling to the only shred of humanity he has left. After the seventh killing he reaches a breaking point, and can no longer bear the guilt of his own horrific actions.

Sasha - played by Sierra Collins
Played by Sierra Collins


A beautiful seductress—and cold-blooded killer. After her mother’s death during childbirth, SASHA was raised by an abusive and alcoholic father who blamed her for the loss of his wife. Her father was a rare breed of cop who didn't take bribes and that choice was what led to his wife's death. He physically and emotionally abused her throughout her childhood, his alcoholism coming to its peak during her teens. SASHA was forced into prostitution by her own father in order to feed his addiction, but after two hellish years, she finally took matters into her own hands and ended his miserable life. After taking whatever meager possessions and money she could find, she walked out into the night with a burning hatred for all men. She takes it upon herself to settle the score one man at a time, taking from them their possessions, their pride, and their lives. When she meets THOMAS, however, she sees in him the same lost, broken soul that lived in her, and seizes the opportunity to twist him into her own angel of death. With this new “pet” under her spell, SASHA orchestrates a series of brutal murders. However, she is unaware that with every new death, her hold on THOMAS is slowly weakening.
Played by Chadwin Williams


Presently in his early teens, he has been on his own as long as he could remember. Growing up he scavenging for sustenance from day to day and developed a quiet and guarded demeanor, preferring to avoid others and keep himself out of unnecessary trouble. But being a child, he still possesses the natural innocence that even years on the streets cannot bury entirely. One evening while committing a petty theft, he is caught by the wrong cop— captured by THE CANDY MAN. He is locked in the CANDY MAN's infamous dungeon to be tortured for depraved amusement. In a twist of fate, the boy is rescued from his prison when THOMAS kills his captor. Seeing glimpses of himself in TOBIAS —lost, damaged, and alone— he takes the boy under his protective wing. As time passes, TOBIAS is pushed to be what his teacher is not: a good man, free of sin and pure of conscience. However, the boy also expresses interest in learning how to wield a blade and despite THOMAS’ refusal, he begins to learn simply by watching. When his teacher eventually gives in, TOBIAS makes him a promise to only use it in defense, as violence always leads down a very dark path. When TOBIAS asks THOMAS why he does the violent things that he does, THOMAS responds by telling him that some good people must sacrifice their souls so that others will never have to. The boy serves as a compass of sorts, acting as the youthful conscience of a man who was raised without one.


THOMAS’ mother, a hateful and vindictive woman. Her debaucherous husband treated her like garbage while she was pregnant, demeaning and ridiculing her every action, all the while carrying on with his infidelities. Being the granddaughter of one of the leaders of the War of Thorns reasserts itself and she is ordained a priestess of the Three Fold Goddess. A reminder of his father’s cruelty, THOMAS became the lightning rod of her contempt. Continuing her worship, she used a ritual blade to make regular blood sacrifices, both from herself and from her son. HECATE raised the boy with a twisted angst, teaching him through physical and emotional abuse that all men are vile, worthless, sinful, and exist only to guard the women that own them. She put him through brutal training to make him her weapon, a truly lethal force— particularly with a blade. But he cannot protect his mother from herself. HECATE dies of lung cancer, a product of her addiction to dulling anxiety with cigarettes. Despite her death, the damage is done. Taking her ritual blade with him as he walks out into the night, it is clear that she has sculpted every facet of THOMAS’ tortured spirit.
Played by Vicky Dalli


A whore who is saved by THOMAS when she is hunted by THE PREACHER for refusing to work for THE SPIDER. She ends up giving THOMAS something to live for, love and also starts taking the role of mother for TOBIAS. She is a beautiful hearted woman who just tried to survive in a harsh world but who never lost her hope nor her desire for freedom. She is also a warrior, in her heart if not in her skills. Saving THOMAS several times with her ferocity.
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Dressed in the warrior garb of the Three Fold Goddess. A warrior priestess of the Goddess who is hired by THOMAS' mother HECATE to train him the warrior ways of the Goddess. After the passing of HECATE she returns to him to pass on her own wisdom. She is a compassionate woman who interprets the Goddess's teachings much differently then HECATE, she believes the Goddess is a forgiving one, not full of hate.
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Warrior Priestess of the Three Fold Goddess and younger sister of IDRIS. She is lethal, loyal and fiercely protective of THOMAS and her sister.
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The Chairman of the largest corporation in the city, and the puppet master behind the corruption in the City of Blood. An extravagant man in both wealth and personality, he believes himself to be King Louis XIV reborn —dressing himself in a monarch’s garb and surrounded by utter decadence. THE EMPEROR is the very vision of pride and gluttony, buying and forcing his way to power. He controls almost every dirty deed in the city, from THE SHARK’s dealing to THE DEMON’s murder, and Thrash is the cement that holds his empire together. His palace is populated with THE SPIDER’s half dressed whores and a handful of THE DEMON's guards, but he is a deadly adversary all by himself. Gifted with incredible natural strength and a sharp mind, THE EMPEROR is rarely on the defensive but, in dire straits, he will take a dose of Thrash to quicken his reflexes, and truly become a force to be reckoned with.
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The madame serving as THE EMPEROR’s spymistress and master manipulator. She has quietly controlled the prostitutes of the City of Blood for years, both caring for and exploiting them at her every whim. She typically finds troubled young women and through a Charles Manson-esque combination of drugs and manipulation binds their trust and loyalty to her. Known to send her most trusted girls, who are marked by a very subtle “spider bite” tattoo, into the exclusive parties of the elite, where they have served as her eyes and ears for all of the clandestine dealings of the City’s most powerful figures. She is extraordinarily clever, with potent knowledge, dangerous connections, and lethal poisons at her discretion, but if a girl's loyalties shift she has THE PREACHER to make sure they pay for their sins. She is also descended from one of the surviving families that were the hierarchy of the Three Fold Goddess religion.
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A vile man and crooked cop with an appetite for torturing children. Obese, middle-aged, and riddled with health problems, he is an overgrown bully who preys on the weak; children being his preferred targets. Unable to handle the rigors of active police work, he sits low on the police totem pole, spending nights alone to work petty crimes. On some of these nights, he resorts to “arresting” homeless teens and children, kidnapping them and locking them away in his basement. Once inside his self-dubbed “dungeon”, he dons a grotesque cherub mask, force-feeding his captives candy and putting them through horrific torture as they are made to recreate tragic stories from his own childhood. It is later learned that he is tasked to target youths that refuse to go into THE SHARK’s service selling drugs.
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The cold, calculating CEO of THE LOKI CORPORATION, one of THE EMPEROR’s satellite corporations. A powerful man both in stature and in presence, he serves THE EMPEROR as both a corporate enforcer and a physical enforcer, conducting his fiscal business in a suit and tie and his physical business in a suit of armor. At his superior’s behest, he periodically hunts down people and groups that attempt to undermine their dealings and control. Wearing a demonic face guard, uniquely slit thermal-vision contact lenses, and wielding a massive gothic ax, he strikes fear into the hearts of those that witness his many cullings.
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A drug dealer and prior addict who sells Thrash (a highly concentrated amphetamine, the drug that links much of the corruption) in the most dangerous parts of the projects. Resultant of his addiction, he lost his teeth and to compensate, he had metal shark teeth implanted in his gums. He gets a sick rush using them to rip the throats out of those who get in his way. Though he is already naturally faster than most, his reflexes and perceptions are dramatically quickened when he takes a dose of Thrash —which he uses as a last resort during his confrontation with THOMAS.
PLayed by Michael Ochotorena


An old, fallen priest with a grudge against women. His grandfather was a leader of God warriors who had fought the Three Fold Goddess army in the War of Thorns. Having been rejected by a past love, his hatred turned into a self-righteous vengeance against all ‘temptresses’. Utilizing his title as a priest, he lures prostitutes into his church or his lavish home by offering confession or requesting ‘service’. Once inside, however, he uses his large oaken walking stick —shaped like the crucifix— to bludgeon them to death as he shouts out their sins with savage vindication. He is employed by THE SPIDER to get rid of any of her prostitutes whose loyalties have become compromised.
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SASHA’s abusive, alcoholic father. He was once a respected cop and a good man, happily married to the love of his life. But when his wife died giving birth to SASHA, it broke him. The grief and medical fees took a heavy toll on his mind, his family, and his livelihood; and he blamed his daughter for all of it. LINCOLN found his only solace at the bottom of liquor bottles, and severe alcoholism lead to the neglect and abuse of his daughter. The situation worsened when SASHA became a teenager —his constant drunkenness finally cost him his badge, which was the only thing holding him together. Suddenly jobless and faced with staggering debt, LINCOLN fell from depression to depravity and began whoring out his daughter to men in exchange for money and liquor, drowning his guilt at every opportunity.
Played by Karen Xerri


A provocative computer hacker who works for THE SHARK and is also his lover. She is secretly a spy sent by the OSIRIS CONSORTIUM, one of the 7 to scout out a weakness so they can take the City of Blood from the Godiva Corp.
Played by Andrew Anderson


THE SHARK's number one thug who is a thrash addict and also a perv who is always peeping on THE SHARK and CYBER having sex.
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The only child and daughter of THE EMPEROR. She is sadistic, sexual and predatory. She wants to usurp her father's position and has a deep hatred for her step mother HELENA.
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One of THE SPIDER's most popular whores. She is not the smartest cookie in the jar but fun and full of her own lust and says what she wants when she wants.

Played by Suzanne Stokes


One of THE SPIDER's veteran whores. Smart, frivolous and sexually driven. One of the two that THE SPIDER uses to gather info on the high and mighty.
Played by Tamika Entzminger


One of THE SPIDER's veteran whores. Intelligent and aggressive, not as sexual as LILITH but one of two that THE SPIDER uses to gather info on the high and mighty.
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One of THE SPIDER's bodyguards, she wears sexy black leather and carries two short swords strapped to her back.
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One of THE SPIDER's bodyguards, sexy and lethal like her sister THORN, and THE SPIDER's hand of vengeance.
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A prostitute and assassin working for THE SPIDER. She is also a spy working with CYBER on behalf of the Osiris Consortium to overthrow the Godiva Corporation and take control of the City. She is sexual and a ruthless killer in her mission. She is also a warrior of the Moon of the Goddess Religion.
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THE EMPRESS. Sadistic and malevolent torturer and wife of THE EMPEROR. She garners pleasure in causing pain during sex.

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Dressed in all black leather and mask. She is the lover and bodyguard of THE DEMON.
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An appropriately named giant of a man who is known for his penchant for fighting --and for taking women whether they are willing or not.

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Three beautiful women who serve THE EMPEROR but are secretly loyal to his daughter EVE. They are dressed in provocative semi-transparent gowns but all are trained to be deadly.

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The main newscaster for the only media channel that exists. He is hard on the truth, much to the chagrin of his corporate bosses, and walks a deadly line in doing so.
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The most sought after singer songwriter in the City of Blood. She is always performing in The Bricks.