City of Blood


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Angel Hills

In the northwest of the City is Angel Hills, home to much of the wealthy and upper middle class. Its population is heavily made up of the best that corruption has to offer; Corporate upper management, the Police hierarchy, and drug kingpins. Crime is almost nonexistent due to Corporate Security and high Police presence.

West Haven

In the west side of the City is West Haven, where the City's Hospital, Police Headquarters and most of its municipal offices are located. It is the industrial area of the City, dominated by warehouses and manufacturing plants. Crime is minimal as the police presence is heavy to protect the lifeblood of the City and its profit centers.

Demon's Cove

In the south is Demon's Cove, home to the City's waterfront and its shipping center. It is populated by many of the merchants and stores in the City which cater to the middle class, as well as many restaurants. Crime is mostly low as there is moderate police presence around the docks though some violence and prostitution do exist.

The Downs

In the north is The Downs, where the City's poor live in ramshackle apartments and its homeless in lean-tos. It has high crime and murder rates, with gangs and drug trafficking controlling streets that rarely see a police presence. Thrash can be found on every avenue. It has very few businesses other than small corner stores that sell more liquor than anything else.

The Bricks

In the northeast of the City next to The Downs is The Bricks, home to most of the bars and clubs; from high end places with Corporate Security to the low end bars where leaving alive is no certainty. Crime and Police presence vary depending on the clientele of the club or bar. The majority of the City's prostitution and drug trafficking happens in this area.

Shadow's End

In the east is Shadow's End, home to the middle and merchant classes, as well as a large population of remaining Three Fold Goddess believers. The crime rate is moderate-to-low as it boasts a gang of women who worship the Goddess and patrol the area, the Daughters of the Moon. The City's Police, and rival gangs, both tend to stay out of the area to avoid tensions with these women.

Gold Town

In the center of the city is Gold Town, home to the corporate offices of The Godiva Corporation and its subsidiary that actually runs the city, The Loki Corporation. High end stores and restaurants that cater to the City's wealthy are plentiful, while the crime rate is nonexistent.


The City of Blood is one of 20 City States that holds the surviving human race. It is one of three City States ruled by the Godiva Corporation, one of the 7 Corporations that rule the world. The City was created after the Great War 190 years previously and has grown exponentially since then as technology has recovered. Ninety years ago the City's population tripled after the War of Thorns and the destruction of the European City States. It is a place of corruption and poverty and blood and murder where the police are just as likely to kill you as the criminals. Most of its population resides in poverty as the wealth elite hold on to power with covetous hands.
The City of Blood is the most powerful of the City States in existence and is the main manufacturer of the drug Thrash, which gives it its state of prominence and influence. It contains one of the largest contingent of Goddess worshipers who own a large area within its boundaries. It also boasts one of the largest ports, Demon's Cove in the south of the City, and is situated between three of the remaining City States; The Obsidian Tower, The Iron Fortress, and another City owned by the Godiva Corporation, The City of Thorns.