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Discover the award-winning work of Blade & Blood creator J.D. Glasscock

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J.D. Glasscock started as a slam poet on national teams in 1990. Six years later he moved onto being the singer/songwriter/front man of a blues rock band called Sofa King, which lasted ten years. Though he still writes both lyrics and poetry, in 2005 he moved onto studying film writing and directing with a special emphasis on lighting; specifically, noir lighting. He moved to Los Angeles in 2010 to finally pursue those aspirations. He is the Alan Bailey Award winner for Excellence in the Craft of Filmmaking - Noir, at the Action on Film Festival 2015. He currently has thirteen short films to his name and has won numerous awards as a filmmaker at large festivals. He also in addition to his filmmaking has 16 self published books which can be found here. Those books include poetics, lyrics, video game designs, excerpts from his film scripts, graphic novels, kid's books, and more. His current goals include his two TV series, Celestial Moon, and The Mysfits, as well as his first feature, Blade and Blood. He has four other feature film scripts written and 35 outlined. He also has been hired four times to write other people’s feature film scripts. He recently moved to Denton, TX to be near and help his family, and to bring his style of film to North Texas.